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Details About the Online Predictive Astrology Class  

The Online Predictive Astrology Class is the final component of the Talented Astrologer Certification Program. To participate in this class, you must have completed both the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive and the Online Relationship Astrology Class.

The first question that draws most people to astrology is “What does astrology have to say about me?” But the second question is usually “What does astrology have to say about my future?”

Astrology, after all, is one of the oldest predictive tools. For thousands of years, astrology has foretold everything from the fate of the harvest to the fate of the king. Today astrology remains a powerful tool for insight into the future. However, predictive astrology doesn’t work quite the way most people think it does.

Broadly speaking, predictive astrology is concerned with understanding — and occasionally forecasting — events. Events can be objective (something happened) or subjective (something happened to me), and each type of event uses different predictive tools — and has different sets of expectations.

Certain branches of predictive astrology, such as horary and electional astrology, work with objective events. You have only a single chart to consider in your interpretation. For horary, it’s the chart of the moment the question was asked, and for electional, it’s a future chart that describes the specific outcome you would like to experience. You can evaluate these charts using an objective, two-dimensional approach, and come up with precise and specific answers to your question.

When you want to explore subjective events — what happened to me — this approach doesn’t work. You’re not analyzing a two-dimensional chart of a specific event; you’re analyzing how multiple factors affect a three-dimensional natal chart.

Predictive Natal Astrology

I’ve created a new category to describe astrology that explores subjective events from the perspective of the birth chart: Predictive Natal Astrology.

The foundation of Predictive Natal Astrology is the idea that the potential of your natal chart unfolds over the course of your lifetime. A transit, progression, or direction activates a planet or house in your chart for a period of time, and that part of your life takes center stage. What makes Predictive Natal Astrology so challenging is that you have to interpret every predictive trigger in the context of the natal chart. The Cardinal Rule of Predictive Natal Astrology states, “If it’s not in the natal chart, it won’t ever happen.”

Not everyone has the potential to be extremely rich. Not everyone has the ability to be famous. Your birth chart is a map that shows the options available to you in this lifetime, and not all paths are open to everyone. However, everyone has the ability to be truly happy.

Free will doesn’t let you change the content of your story. It gives you full control over the context. It’s not the events in your life that matter, it’s the meaning you give them. You don’t need fame, fortune, or success to be happy. Happiness comes from within you. Your birth chart is the map that shows you how to become truly happy, and predictive natal astrology can help you to navigate that map.

Online Predictive Astrology Class Details

This is an extremely advanced class. It’s the final requirement of the Talented Astrologer Certification Program, and it’s only open to students who have successfully completed both the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive and the Online Relationship Astrology Class.

The Online Predictive Astrology Class combines weekly video classes with daily written interpretation assignments in The Real Astrology Academy Forums. You’ll work with new sets of blueprint sentences for transits, progressions, and directions, and follow a structured template to interpret Solar Return charts.

For the first ten weeks of the class, you’ll use these tools to analyze significant past events in the lives of celebrity subjects. The final project is to write a complete natal interpretation, six-month forecast, and solar return interpretation for the coming year for a featured celebrity.  

Questions About the Online Predictive Astrology Class

When does the Online Predictive Astrology Class begin?

Registration for the Online Predictive Astrology Class begins in August, and closes on the first day of class, or when all spots have been filled, whichever comes first. 

Why is there no money-back guarantee?


This program is only for students who are serious about investing the time and energy to develop their chart interpretation skills.  

My role as your coach, mentor, and teacher, is to hold you accountable. I can’t force you to do the work, but I can give you a financial incentive to complete the program by not offering refunds under any circumstances.

If you have any doubts about whether you’re ready, willing, or able to do the work, don’t register for this year’s class. This program is not for everyone. 

What if I don’t complete the program?


I reserve a limited number of spaces each year for returning students who previously registered for the Online Predictive Astrology Class, but did not complete the program. These students may re-take the class at a 50% discount. 

You must contact me directly to take advantage of this.  

How important is the Final Project?


The Final Project — a complete, written relationship analysis of a new celebrity, a six-month forecast and classical Solar Return interpretation for the coming year — is extremely important. You must submit your final project before the close of the Online Predictive Astrology Class to be eligible for the Talented Astrologer Certification. 

I appreciate that you may not be able to complete all of the assignments leading up to the Final Project, and that’s not a requirement, at least not technically. But if you don’t stay current with the assignments and complete the majority of them, you won’t be able to complete the Final Project.