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Online Natal Astrology Class Student Testimonials 

“I was able to get so much 
more than I have from previous study.”

Helen Basic

Helen Soergel
San Diego, California

“It's just helping me to put the pieces together that I was missing.”

Carrie Basic

Carrie Reynolds
Sacramento, California 

“I like the fact that it's forcing me to actually do an interpretation. It’s not just telling me.”

Pat Basic

Pat Field
Ontario, Canada 

“As a working parent, I can see that live lecture anytime. I still get the benefit of that real class.”

Nicholas Basic

Nicholas Dewart
Denver, Colorado

“I couldn't read a chart, and I couldn't follow people when they talked about charts.”

Rose Basic

Rose Torelli
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“If you don’t do the practice, you’re not going to develop as fully.”

Thor Basic

Thor Høberg-Petersen

Frequently Asked Questions About the Online Natal Astrology Class 

When do the next live classes begin?

I teach the live classes of the Online Natal Astrology Class in January of each year. When you register for the class, you’ll receive information about the next round of live classes, including how (and when) you can attend the class in real time. You’ll also receive an email each week with the link to access the most recent live class recording.

Keep in mind that there’s no reason to wait until you can take the classes live. The recorded classes give you the experience of being in the live class, with the added convenience that you can watch the class whenever it’s convenient for you. If you register today, and you do all of the homework, in just 14 weeks you’ll be able to write your own synthesized interpretation of any natal chart, just like the Celebrity Chart Interpretations that I post every month in the Talented Astrologer Blog

I’ve been studying astrology for years — why do I need your class?

The fact that you’re reading this means that there’s something missing from your astrology education. You may know a lot about astrology, but you may not have the skills that make you a talented astrologer.

Natal Chart Interpretation is a very specific skill, and it’s not something that’s often taught in astrology books or classes. Knowing the meanings of the symbols in astrology isn’t enough to be able to interpret a birth chart.

When you have completed the Online Natal Astrology Class, you will know how to create a synthesized interpretation of any natal chart from start to finish. You will know how to explore the overall personality, and identify major patterns and issues. You’ll know how to answer questions about relationships, money, and career. And if you do the homework, after 14 weeks, you won’t just know how to interpret a natal chart — you’ll be interpreting charts on your own, with confidence.

The Real Astrology Academy’s Online Natal Astrology Class is not a “beginning” astrology class. Yes, it does cover the fundamentals of astrology, including the planets, signs, houses and aspects — and you may already know the meanings of these symbols. But this class will transform how you understand and work with them.

These five components make The Real Astrology Academy’s Online Natal Astrology Class so unique — and so powerful. They are exclusive to The Real Astrology Academy, and you will not find them anywhere else:


What is the Systematic Approach to Synthesized Chart Interpretation?

Interpreting a chart requires many different sets of skills, each of which must be developed individually. Broadly, however, there are three distinct phases to chart interpretation: Reading the ChartDrafting a Blueprint, and Building a Chair.

Phase 1: Reading the Chart

Phase1-ReadingtheChart-400pxThe name of this phase is actually misleading. You will never interpret a chart. There is far too much information in the chart to make any sense out of it. You will always approach the chart with a specific question, and in Phase 1, you will pull all of the astrological considerations that relate to the question out of the chart and assemble them in a worksheet or a notepad.

If you’re interpreting someone’s Sun, you only care about the parts of the chart that relate to the Sun: the sign and house of the Sun, the house(s) ruled by the Sun, and any key aspects to the Sun (along with the associated houses of the aspecting planets). You may also want to consider the planets that have Essential Dignity for the Sun (the Board of Directors), and their associated signs and houses.

Being able to find the considerations and pull them out of the chart is its own set of skills. But you will never interpret a chart. Instead, you will interpret your worksheet. And you begin this process in Phase 2.

Phase 2: Drafting a Blueprint

Phase2-DraftingtheBlueprint-400pxIn Phase 2, you take the specific considerations that relate to the topic at hand, and begin to assemble them into blueprint sentences that follow the rules of grammar and syntax in the language of astrology. These sentences are what allow you to effectively translate between the language of astrology and plain English (or whatever language you speak). You organize the symbols in the sentence, and drop in appropriate keywords, to get a sentence that embodies the essence of the astrological signature you’re considering. It includes the planet, the sign, and all of the houses involved, and keeps them in the correct relationship to each other.

This is not your final interpretation, however, anymore than the blueprint of a chair is the final chair.

For example, this is the template sentence used to look at the Moon in the context of Safety Needs:

Moon in [SIGN] in the [HOUSE] house / Moon Rules/Almuten of [HOUSE(s)] house

In order to feel Safe (Moon) he/she needs [sign/element/modality keywords], WITH [house WHAT keywords] (Rules [HOUSE]). He/she encounters these needs particularly IN [house WHERE keywords] [HOUSE].

And here’s how it might look if you were interpreting Sylvester Stallone’s Moon:

Moon in Libra in the 10th House / Moon Rules 8th House

In order to feel Safe (Moon) he needs balance and harmony (Libra), and the ability to initiate (Cardinal) communication and social connections (Air) WITH other people’s money and resources (Rules 8th House) and other people’s values and opinions (Rules 8th House). He encounters these needs particularly IN his career and life path, and his public persona (Moon in 10th House).

You would then use this blueprint to “build a chair” and explore specifically how Stallone might experience his Safety Needs. The blueprint template sentence reveals the correct relationship between the different elements of the sentence. While the cause of Stallone feeling unsafe would probably come from 8th house disturbances (Moon rules 8th house), such as disagreements with his manager over finances, the effect of this would be felt in his 10th house career (Moon in 10th), which is also where he would tend to react to address a lack of Safety.

Phase 3: Building a Chair

Phase3-BuildingaChair-400pxPhase 3 is where the art of astrological interpretation comes into play. Each astrological signature in the chart can (and does) express in a myriad of ways. But however different these manifestations look on the surface, they are each built from the same basic blueprint, and embody the essence of the specific astrological signature.

Natal interpretation isn’t fortune telling. The point isn’t to be able to look at the chart and describe a person’s life. In fact, it’s quite the reverse. The objective is to be able to look at a client’s life and spot the chair. A talented natal astrologer can observe the events in an individual’s life and recognize the astrological signatures that are expressing through those events. Once you’ve identified the specific blueprint, if the client isn’t happy with the particular chair they’ve created from this pattern, you can help them to build a new one.

The only way to be able to spot the chair, however, is to build one yourself from the blueprint. You start with the completed blueprint template sentence, and you expand on it, creating a vivid picture that explores one possible way the astrological signature could express. This “chair” may not look like any of the furniture in the client’s home, but it’s not supposed to. Once you’ve built a chair from the blueprint, you’ll be able to recognize other chairs built from the same blueprint.  

What are the Grammar and Syntax of the Language of Astrology?

AstrologyLanguageBooksWebMost astrologers spend years studying astrology without fully appreciating what astrology actually is.

Astrology is a language.

You can’t become fluent in a language by memorizing vocabulary words and phrases. That may be enough to get you through your vacation in Europe, but at best, you’ll be speaking like a tourist. But this is how virtually every astrology course and teacher approaches astrology, and it’s why you can study astrology for decades and still not be able to create even the most basic of interpretations on your own.

In order to become fluent in a language, you have to understand the underlying grammar and syntax of the language. Over the past few years, I’ve developed a unique, systematic approach to teaching (and learning) the language of astrology. It’s available exclusively though The Real Astrology Academy. Not only do you learn all of the vocabulary, but you also learn how to use that vocabulary to create your own sentences. If you want to speak like a native, you have to stop thinking like a tourist.

In the language of astrology, the planets function as both nouns and verbs. The planets tell you who and what. They are the most essential part of speech in the language of astrology. Everything is based on the planets. In fact, you can’t write a sentence in the language of astrology that does not contain a planet.

The signs modify the expression of the planets. They function as the adjectives and adverbs, and tell you how and why.

Houses are the prepositions. On the most basic level, the houses tell you where, but when used as prepositional phrases, houses can provide details that modify and clarify the expressions of the planets. This is where the rules of grammar and syntax can get very complicated. As an example, it’s important to understand the difference between the houses a planet rules and the house a planet occupies. But when you appreciate these distinctions, you can create rich, complex sentences that communicate a wealth of detailed, practical information.  

How do I develop chart interpretation skills?

talentcode 3dIn his thought-provoking book, The Talent CodeDaniel Coyle asserts that talent isn’t something we’re born with; it’s something we develop. Greatness requires only the right training and the correct approach to developing the necessary skills. While Coyle uses musicians, athletes, and singers as his examples, the principles of growing talent apply to every field — including astrology.

Coyle explains that our brains don’t differentiate between types of skills. From the brain’s point of view, every action is nothing more than a burst of energy travelling along a neural pathway. When you repeat a specific action enough times, the brain begins to wrap those neurons in myelin, which insulates the circuit, making it more effective. It’s like moving from a dial-up connection to broadband Internet. This is what happens when you master a new skill, and it’s how you become talented.

Remember, to develop skills you need both the right training and the correct approach — and in the Online Natal Astrology Class, you will receive both. I have cracked the Astrological Talent Code. I’ve analyzed the skills involved in interpreting a natal chart, and broken them down into the smallest possible components. And I’ve developed a series of exercises that will grow your astrological interpretation skills.

Over the course of the Online Natal Astrology Class, you will receive chapters of the NatalChart Interpretation WorkbookThe workbook provides you with extensive starter lists of keywords for elements, modalities, signs, and houses, and examples of fill-in-the-blank blueprint template sentences for every component of the natal chart.

All you need to do is spend 20 minutes a day practicing simple interpretation drills. Write or type out each blueprint template sentence, and fill in the blanks with random keywords from the appropriate keyword lists. These basic, simple interpretation drills are the single most effective way to develop your chart interpretation skills. If you follow the training program and do these exercises, you will be amazed at the results. 

What is Three-Dimensional Chart Interpretation?

One of the biggest challenges of natal interpretation is the fact that astrology does not predict behavior. Each astrological signature — such as Mars in Cancer in the 3rd house — can express in an infinite number of ways. And yet, when you look beyond the appearances, you can recognize that the motivating force — the underlying blueprint — is that specific astrological signature.

Most astrologers think in only two dimensions — planets and signs — and a flat, two-dimensional approach is exactly what you need when you’re doing predictive astrology or asking a horary question.

When interpreting a natal chart, you have to work in three dimensions, not just two. The third dimension is consciousness. Consciousness accounts for the full range of expression of each unique astrological signature. Mars in Aries could express as aggressive, impatient, and violent behavior, or it could also express as assertive, self-aware, and pioneering behavior. You can’t look at a natal chart and know how Mars in Aries will express. How a person experiences Mars in Aries at any given time depends entirely on his or her level of consciousness.

In The Real Astrology Academy’s Online Natal Astrology Class, you will learn how to work with the model of the Four Kingdoms of Consciousness to create three-dimensional interpretations of any natal chart. This adds tremendous depth to your interpretations. Not only can you identify the specific patterns in the chart, but you can also explore all of the ways those patterns can express. This lets you engage with the chart in a practical and empowered way. 


What are the Essential Dignities and the Board of Directors?

The Essential Dignities are the heart and soul of classical astrology, and they provide a wealth of detailed, specific, practical information about the chart. Unfortunately, most of that information is two-dimensional. The traditional approach to Essential Dignities evaluates how “strong” or “weak” a planet is, and in certain types of predictive astrology, these concepts have specific, practical value. In the context of a natal chart, however, they seem negative and limiting.

The Online Natal Astrology Class teaches you how to work with the Essential Dignities in the context of a three-dimensional natal chart interpretation. Instead of looking at the condition of the planet itself, you consider the planets that have Essential Dignity and make up the “Board of Directors” for that planet. The members of the Board of Directors show you what motivates the top-level planet. The planets on the Board of Directors are the actual planets in the chart you’re interpreting, which means that each planet-sign combination is, in fact, unique.

Without this tool, every time you encounter the Moon in Libra, you would come up with the same basic interpretation. But with this tool, the differences between Sylvester Stallone’s Moon at 22 Libra, Nicholas Cage’s Moon at 26 Libra, and Sting’s Moon at 19 Libra become obvious. 


What is the Natal Chart Interpretation Workbook?

ChartInterpretationWorkbookCover-450pxOver the course of The Real Astrology Academy’s Online Natal Astrology Class, you will receive PDF files that you will assemble into a class workbook. This workbook is not available anywhere else in any form, and includes all of the practical tools that you need in order to develop and master the skills of a talented astrologer.

First, the workbook provides you with an extensive starter list of keywords for the elements, modalities and signs. These keyword lists are divided into “lower-consciousness” and “higher-consciousness” keywords to help you to create interpretations from different levels of consciousness.

Next, the workbook provides you with fill-in-the-blank blueprint template sentences that you can use to practice written interpretation drills to develop your interpretation skills.

The workbook lessons follow the curriculum of the class, and get progressively more complicated, providing blueprint template sentences that cover planets in signs, planets in signs with houses (ruled and occupied), inner and outer planet aspects, and templates to use when considering the planets on the board of directors. Finally, the workbook includes templates that provide a step-by-step process to interpret the affairs of every house in the chart.

Once you become familiar with how to use the blueprint template sentences, you will wonder how you survived without them. They provide the structure and the initial inspiration that will allow you to write your own detailed, specific, precise, and well-documented interpretations.  

What's the difference between the Basic Class and the VIP Registration?

SeasonPass-BasicWhether you register as a basic student, or you register as a VIP, when you click the registration button, you’ll be enrolled in the Online Natal Astrology class, and receive access to the recordings of the most recent class. You’ll begin receiving emails with links to the individual lessons.

You’ll receive the first three classes in the first week, and then you’ll get a new lesson in your inbox once a week. This gives you time to do the homework and develop your interpretation skills.

You’ll be able to download all of the tools, resources, and worksheets, including the Natal Chart Interpretation Workbook that includes the blueprint template sentences and keywords you’ll use in deep practice to develop your interpretation skills. 

When you register, you will also receive a Season Pass, which means that the next time I teach the class, you’ll be able to attend it live. You’ll also get access to the new class recordings. This is an incredible value, because every time I teach this class, it gets better. 

If you have questions about a class, you can post them in the comment section below each class video, and I’ll respond as quickly as I can. You can also ask general questions in the Facebook Discussion Forum, or just email me directly.

Special VIP Package Extras

If you opt for the VIP package, however, you’ll get even more — at an incredible savings. 

January-2013-Class-ArtIn June of 2013, I revised and expanded the curriculum of the Online Natal Astrology Class. The new class is designed to give you the instruction and the skills to create a synthesized interpretation of a natal chart. To do this, I had to cut a lot of information from the original 12-week class. When you register as a VIP member, I’ll give you access to the recordings of the January 2013 Online Natal Astrology Class. This class alone is worth over $179, but you’ll get it for FREE when you register as a VIP.

SeasonPass-VIPOnce you complete the Online Natal Astrology Class, you’ll be eligible for the advanced classes and training programs offered through The Real Astrology Academy, including the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive, and new classes on Relationship Astrology and Predictive Astrology. As a VIP member, you will always receive the lowest, pre-registration discount on any future classes, no matter when you register for the class. 

Before you start the advanced classes, you’ll want to brush up on your chart interpretation skills, so when you register as a VIP, I’ll extend your Season Pass for an additional year!

And finally, when you become a VIP member, I'll send you your own E-Z Essential Dignity Card. This is normally $9.95 plus shipping, but I'd like you to ahve it as a thank-you gift for becoming a VIP member of The Real Astrology Academy.

Here's how the two options compare:


NAC ClassOnly a NAC BuyVIP a

What is the Bulletproof Happiness Unconditional Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee?

Almost everything in life seems to come down to the questions of time and money. When you’re deciding to invest your hard-earned money in something, you’d like to be absolutely certain that you’re going to have the time to enjoy it.

What’s so great about this class is that no matter how unpredictable your schedule is, you can still get the full benefit of it. Between the live classes and the class recordings, you can learn to speak astrology at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you. You’ll have all of the time you need to enjoy it.

Obviously, the more you practice, the better your results will be. But you don’t need to invest that much time to get the full value out of this class. If all you do is watch one 90-minute class a week, after 14 weeks, you will be completely confident that you can use these techniques to create a synthesized interpretation of any natal chart. And if you do the homework and invest just 20 minutes a day in deep practice, when you’ve completed the course, you won’t just know how to interpret a natal chart, you'll be able to interpret a natal chart on your own.

In fact, I’m so confident of that, I’ll back it up with my Bulletproof Happiness Unconditional Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

GuaranteeCertificateLet’s face it: you won’t know for certain if this class is right for you until you’ve finished the entire course. So go ahead. Be my guest.

No, I’m not kidding.

This guarantee is good for the full 14 weeks. You can watch every single class (and you can even go back and watch the recordings, too). You can do all of the exercises and interpret all of the charts. You can apply every tool and technique in your own life to see how it works. You can do all of that with absolutely no risk whatsoever.

At the end of the 14 weeks, if you’re not happy with the class — or even if you just don’t think you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned — just send me an email and I’ll refund your entire tuition. 

That’s what bulletproof happiness is all about.

NAC ClassOnly a NAC BuyVIP a

Do you offer any payment plans?

Yes — I offer the Basic Class only as a 3-payment plan via PayPal. It's $103 a month for three months. Bear in mind, however, that this only applies to the Basic Class (not the VIP Option), and you cannot use any coupons or discounts with the payment plan. You are, of course, still covered under the Bulletproof Happiness Unconditional Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.