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Details About the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive 

The Real Astrology Academy’s Natal Interpretation Training Intensive is not a passive astrology class—it’s a chart interpretation training program, and it’s not for everyone. Think of it like Astrology Interpretation Boot Camp. It’s one of the most rigorous and challenging experiences you will ever have—but at the end of 12 weeks, you will see tangible, impressive, results.

The Natal Interpretation Training Intensive is the second component of the Talented Astrologer Certification Program. Before you can apply to the Training Intensive, you must first be enrolled in the Online Natal Astrology Class.

Everything you need to know about how to analyze and interpret any natal chart is included in the Online Natal Astrology Class. All you need to develop your chart interpretation skills is to do the work.

Obviously, you need to do the work yourself. But what sets The Online Natal Astrology Class apart from other astrology classes is that at the end of this class, you really can do the work yourself.

During the Online Natal Astrology Class, you receive chapters of the Natal Chart Interpretation Workbook. The workbook provides you with extensive starter lists of keywords for elements, modalities, signs, and houses, and examples of fill-in-the-blank blueprint template sentences for every component of the natal chart. These blueprint sentences aren’t your final interpretation — they’re the blueprint of a chair, not the chair itself. But they support and guide you as you create your final interpretation.

The exercises and examples in the Natal Chart Interpretation Workbook are simple, precise, and powerful. Every single person who has followed this process and applied consistent deep practice to these exercises has developed impressive natal chart interpretation skills in less than twelve weeks.

Deep Practice

Deep practice is a very specific process. It’s slow, and focused, and it’s designed to make you struggle. It’s that struggle—that attempt to reach beyond your comfort zone—that creates and strengthens the new neural pathways in your brain. When it’s done correctly, deep practice allows you to accomplish the kind of results in hours that would normally take weeks or months.

The real challenge of developing skills on your own is that you’re developing skills on your own. Your initial enthusiasm will only keep you motivated for a short time. Deep practice is about hard work and delayed gratification. If you follow this training program, you will be able to interpret any natal chart in twelve weeks — but you may not notice any results for the first eight weeks, and that can be very discouraging.

If you’re serious about becoming talented, you need to work with a coach.

Master Coaching

Master coaching is one of the most important components of developing talent. A coach keeps you motivated, holds you accountable, and supports you so you can overcome your resistance and reach your goals. More than that, a coach provides feedback and guidance, helping you to identify your mistakes so you can correct them, improve, and get the most benefit from your deep practice.

I created The Real Astrology Academy’s Natal Interpretation Training Intensive to provide the master coaching and support you need to reach your goal of being able to interpret any natal chart on your own.

The Natal Interpretation Training Intensive takes place entirely in The Real Astrology Academy forum, a private online bulletin board. Because all of the education and information you need is included in the Online Natal Astrology Class, there are no additional video classes.

Over the 12 weeks of the training intensive, be prepared to spend approximately one hour a day, six days a week, working on your interpretation assignments.

During the first few weeks of the training program, you will work through the exercises in the Natal Chart Interpretation Workbook. All you will do is complete the fill-in-the-blank blueprint template sentences for planets in signs, selecting a random variety of high- and low-consciousness keywords for the element, modality, and signs. You will write a total of 336 of these basic interpretation drills during the first four weeks of the program.  

A first glance, this may seem to be very simple. But as you work your way through the assignments, you’ll discover it’s also tedious, repetitive, and frustrating. And it’s not about what you think it’s about.

Remember, deep practice requires a struggle, and these simple, tedious, repetitive exercises provide that struggle—just not in the way you expect. The neural pathways that you will create and strengthen during these first few weeks are essential. They’re what make it possible for you to experience such rapid skill development later in the training program. But building those fundamental connections takes time, and there’s no shortcut.

What these first few weeks are really about is overcoming your inner, unconscious fears and resistance. It’s not just my support and coaching that makes this possible, it’s also the connections you will create with your fellow students. You may do the work on your own, but you won’t go through the experience alone.

In the next phase of your training, you will practice creating sketch sentences from a complete blueprint template sentence. The blueprint template sentences contain a great deal of condensed information. The sketch sentences help you to explore precise and specific ways the astrological signature could express.

Once you’re comfortable with how to create sketch sentences from blueprint template sentences, you’ll move on to building the main “chairs” of a natal chart. You’ll practice with actual celebrity charts, focusing on the different components that make up the Personality, Safety Needs, Validation Needs, Relationship Wants, and Career, creating notes and sketches, and working from these to write your final interpretations.

At the end of this 12-week training intensive, you will have written a total of four complete natal chart interpretations, on your own. Not only will you have developed solid, reliable natal chart interpretation skills, but you will be confident of your ability to interpret any natal chart.

Registration Details

Registration for the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive opens in January of each year, and spaces are limited. The assignments begin in early February, and continue through the beginning of May.

When you register, you are making a commitment that you are ready, willing, and available to do the work. There are absolutely no refunds on this program, so if you have any doubts, don’t register for it. You’ll be wasting your money — and you’ll also be taking a spot away from a student who is ready to do the work.

When I accept you as a student in the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive, I make some important commitments to you.

You really can do the work.

I have been exploring, testing, and refining every aspect of this process since I created the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive in 2013. I’ve personally written dozens of natal chart interpretations following this process, and I’ve read and evaluated the interpretations of the current students in The Real Astrology Academy. I’ve smoothed out the kinks and exterminated the bugs. The process works.

As long as you stay current with the work, each assignment will prepare you to handle the next one. Each new step will be a stretch, because that’s how you develop new skills, but all of the steps will be small and manageable.

As your master coach, mentor, and teacher, I am committed to your success.

I created The Real Astrology Academy and the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive because I wanted my students to succeed.

Creating a comprehensive, easy to follow training program where you really can do the work is a good start, but it’s not enough to guarantee success. The biggest obstacle to success is a lack of support and motivation. Just because you can do the work doesn’t mean you will do the work.

I’ve designed the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive to provide you with as much support and encouragement as possible. Obviously, you’ll receive motivation and coaching from me, but more importantly, you’ll receive support from your fellow students. You will read and comment on each other’s assignments. You’ll also read my coaching and feedback on everyone’s work. You’ll probably notice other students making big improvements before you notice your own, and that will inspire you to work harder and catch up. However, I’ll also be there to recognize and make you aware of your own progress.

From an entirely personal and selfish perspective, I experience such joy witnessing my students grow their talent. The moment when everything falls into place, and a student writes an interpretation that they know is good defies description.

That being said, whether you complete this program or not is none of my business. I will check in, reach out, and offer a wide range of support to help you overcome your resistance. What I won’t do is stand behind you and make you do the assignments.

I’ve cleared the path and made it as simple — and as easy — as possible for you to succeed, but you have to be willing to walk that path yourself. I can’t walk it for you.

If you don’t understand something, it’s my fault, not yours.  

I am a teacher, and it’s my job to help you understand what I’m teaching. If you don’t understand something, it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed as a student — it means that I’ve failed as a teacher.

To be clear, just because you’re struggling with an assignment doesn’t mean you don’t understand it. Struggle is essential; it’s what deep practice is about, and it’s how you develop skills. Doing the assignments should be a struggle, but if you’re struggling to understand something about the assignment, you need to let me know right away.

This helps both of us. It helps you to develop your skills, and it helps me to be a better teacher. I promise I will do whatever I can to help you understand whatever concept or principle doesn’t quite fit for you yet.

I can’t promise I’ll have the answer right away. Sometimes what you think is a minor misunderstanding actually points to a bigger, more complex issue, and I may not be able to define or explain it yet. However, I will invest the time and energy to get to the bottom of it, no matter how long it takes. 

Questions About the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive

When does the Natal Interpretation Training Program begin?

Registration for the Natal Interpretation Training Program opens in January, and students will begin to access The Real Astrology Academy forums in early February, with some orientation assignments.

Registration closes when all available spots have been filled, or on the first day of orientation, whichever comes first.

The training assignments begin in mid-February, and continue for 12 consecutive weeks.

Why is there no money-back guarantee?

This program is only for students who are serious about investing the time and energy to develop their chart interpretation skills. I offer the Bulletproof Happiness Unconditional Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee on the Online Natal Astrology Class because when you enroll in that class, you may not know if this is the right choice for you. If you’re considering the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive, you know that it is. You know me, you know the material, and you know what’s expected of you.

Once you are accepted into the course, there are no refunds. If you drop out and want to take it again at another time, you’ll have to pay whatever the current registration fee is for the course at that time (although I reserve a small number of spots for repeat students at a 50% discount).

If you have any doubts as to whether you have the time, energy or drive to make this commitment, then now is not the time to enroll.

When you enroll in The Real Astrology Academy program, you’re engaging me as a coach and a trainer, not as a teacher. Your results are your responsibility.

That being said, one of the main advantages to this program is that you will be held accountable for your participation. This can often mean the difference between sticking with the program and quitting. You will get frustrated and discouraged as you develop these skills, but the support and encouragement of the group can make all of the difference in the world.

All that it takes to become a talented astrologer is consistent, daily practice (along with the right kind of coaching and feedback). This approach is about taking very, very tiny, consistent steps forward. If you trust the process and stay present, you will get the results you want.

What if I don’t complete the program?

I reserve a limited number of spaces each year for returning students who previously registered for the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive, but did not complete the program. These students may re-take the Natal Interpretation Training Intensive at a 50% discount.

You must contact me directly to take advantage of this.

How important is the Final Project?

The Final Project — a complete, written interpretation of a new celebrity natal chart — is extremely important. You must submit your final project before the close of the Training Intensive to be eligible for the Talented Astrologer Certification.

I appreciate that you may not be able to complete all of the assignments leading up to the Final Project, and that’s not a requirement, at least not technically. But if you don’t stay current with the assignments and complete the majority of them, you won’t be able to complete the Final Project.