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What is Practical Astrology? The short answer is, ”Practical astrology is astrology you can use,” but ironically, the short answer isn’t practical. In this video, you’ll learn what makes astrology practical (and why that matters). You’ll learn what it takes to develop chart interpretation skills and become a Talented Astrologer. And you’ll discover the biggest lie in all of astrology.

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Eventually, it's going to happen. You'll spend hours preparing a chart, and then you'll discover that you've got the wrong time of birth. And the looming question is, “Can this chart be saved?"

Watch the video to learn what changes when you adjust the time of the chart. It might be a minor inconvenience, or it could be a major catastrophe.

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What is Practical Astrology? Broadly, it's astrology that you can actually use. It's an important distinction, because not all astrology is practical.

There are so many different branches of astrology, and so much history and theory, not to mention thousands of different tools and techniques. What's missing for most astrologers is a context and a framework to make sense of it all. This video introduces you to practical astrology, explores your relationship with your unique birth chart, and asks the question, “Is astrology the right tool for the job at hand?"

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Do you know how to find planetary aspects in a chart? Can you look at a chart and see that Moon-Pluto square and tell if it's applying or separating? Spotting aspects in the chart is actually quite simple — and this video will teach you everything you need to know!

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Timothy Asks: "Most astrologers seem to believe that in a natal chart, the individual will find it difficult to use a planet independently if the planet is conjunct the Sun ... suppose, for instance that Mercury were conjunct the Sun in Gemini or Virgo (the signs it rules). Do you think that in this situation, the individual would be able to use their Mercury independently?"

This video explores the context of Essential and Accidental Dignity and Debility, and how these conditions factor in when interpreting a Natal Chart.

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Amoris Asks: "My Part of Marriage is in Pisces, and my significant other's is in Scorpio. Could you please tell me something about it? Is it a good match?"

In this video, learn about the nature of Arabic Parts (or Greek Lots), how they're calculated, how to work with them, and exactly what the Part of Marriage has to do with a successful relationship.

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  • People today don't think of using Astrology in a practical way as the ancients did. I have not studied this Arabic part; however, I do comprehend what you are saying in terms of functional use of these parts.
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Justus Asks: "What are some things I can do to prepare for and honor a Saturn Return? What are the key points in working with this transit?"

This video begins by explaining what a Saturn Return is, and then explores how you can move into Right Relationship with Saturn and completely transform your experience of this Astrological Archetype.

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