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In a previous post, in answer to an “Ask Kevin” question submitted by Scott, I explored the meaning (if any) of the 29th degree in the chart, for both angles and planets. (Spoiler alert: it’s just not that big of a deal, especially in the context of the natal chart.)

At the end of that article, however, I hinted that there may, in fact, be some significance to having the Sun at 29 degrees in a natal chart … and then I made you come back to read this article to find out why.

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Have you ever noticed how certain ideas just start popping up all over the place at once? I recently received an “Ask Kevin” question from Scott, asking my thoughts on how to interpret the end of a sign — in his case, his Ascendant at 29 Virgo. Within a few days of this, I came across spirited debate about “critical degrees” in the Professional Astrologer’s Facebook Forum. And then there’s the birth chart of the future King of England, with his Sun at 29°56’44” Cancer.

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  • I was surprised to find that the author of this article on the 29th degrees was none other than Kevin Burk. I have read your books in the past, and I find your thinking and writing style the most compatible with my astrological understandings. My ex-wife and daughter are both 29th-degree mutable si...
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  • From what I've read and my life experience, I think the anaretic degree is the exam (test) life path from 0 degrres to 28... previous lessons learned in that sign from start to end... 29th degree will be life path full of test of how well you've mastered that sign.
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I recently attended an astrology lecture, and during the discussion, several audience members seemed to insist that a planet in an example chart with no Essential Dignity was actually well disposed because it happened to be in the First House, which is an Accidental Dignity. The question of which dignities are more important comes up quite a lot, and the short answer is that Essential Dignities are always primary. When you have a planet with no Essential Dignity (or with Essential Debility) that has Accidental Dignity, what you have is lipstick on a pig.

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