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An astrological portrait of L. Ron Hubbard

The complete chart interpretation covers four main sections: Personality, Relationship Needs, Relationship Wants and the Marriage Blueprint, and Career. This is a "classic" example of an astrological portrait, first published in January 2014. 

Each section of the interpretation begins with the completed  “Blueprint Sentence” used as the basis for that portion of the interpretation. These fill-in-the-blank blueprint template sentences are one of the exclusive tools available as part of the curriculum of the Online Natal Astrology Class. The value of these templates is that they ensure the correct relationship between the different parts of speech in the language of astrology. Simply by dropping in the appropriate keywords for signs, elements, modalities and houses, you create an astrologically-sound blueprint that you can use to build a more detailed interpretation of that specific astrological signature. 

Birth Data: March 13, 1911, 2:01 a.m., Tilden, Nebraska • Rodden Rating:  A, from memory

L. Ron Hubbard Natal Chart (Right-click to download PDF)



Part 1: Personality

Elements and Modalities

01 Hubbard Elements

Hubbard has three planets in Earth, three planets in Water, one planet in Fire (Venus in Aries), and no planets in Air. The emphasis on Earth and Water suggests a depth of feeling, and a great deal of comfort in the physical and material world. The “lack” of planets in Air is not at all unusual for a writer: the perceived lack of facility with intellect and communication often drives individuals to work very hard to master these skills. If anything, a “lack” of planets in Air suggests that Hubbard may overcompensate, valuing the abstract and intellectual more highly than the practical (Earth) or the emotional and spiritual (Water).

Fire is the only element where a “lack” of planets does not result in overcompensation. Hubbard would benefit from regular physical exercise to “supplement” the “lack” of fire in his chart. However, with so much Earth and Water energy in his chart, he has a great deal of inertia to overcome. If he were able to establish a routine of daily physical exercise, it would eventually become easier to continue with it (because of the inertia), but getting to that point takes a considerable effort, and once that routine is interrupted, it’s very difficult to get it started again, no matter how much better one feels with the regular exercise. This doesn’t mean that Hubbard won’t take action; only that he won’t tend to act physically.

Hubbard has an even balance among the modalities, with two Cardinal, two Fixed, and three Mutable planets. Because the three mutable planets are the Sun, Moon and Mercury, this suggests a slight emphasis on the Mutable qualities, but we’ll have to see if this plays out as an actual theme in his chart or not.

Sun in Pisces in the 3rd House
Sun Rules 9th, Almuten 4th House

Hubbard seeks to express his authentic “Big S” Self (Sun) by being artistic, spiritual, secretive, and dreamy (Pisces) WITH his beliefs, philosophies, religion, and higher education (rules 9th house), and his home and family (almuten 4th house). He encounters these needs particularly IN his writing, communication, and personal spirituality (Sun in 3rd House). [Blueprint Sentence]

On the surface, L Ron Hubbard’s Sun begins to paint an accurate picture of his life. The Sun in the 3rd house shows that he encounters his “Big S” Self through writing and communication, and the Pisces influence suggests an active imagination, two requirements to be a successful science fiction writer. But Hubbard’s Sun also introduces the balance between the 3rd and 9th houses, which hints at his later career as the founder of the pseudo-religion, Scientology.

In traditional astrology the 9th house (God) represents the established religion, while the 3rd house (Goddess) is the house of heresy: any religion, or belief system that does not adhere to the established, accepted religion. In more modern applications (and cultures with greater religious freedom), the 9th house relates to public spirituality (i.e., religion, church affiliation, etc.), while the 3rd relates to one’s personal, private spirituality.

Obviously, this signature could express in an infinite number of ways. Because the Sun is also the Almuten of the 4th house, it could simply indicate someone who has a deep spiritual connection in his life, and that spirituality — and the balance between public and private spirituality — informs the foundation (4th house) of his life. It’s also equally valid to look at the 3rd-9th axis as relating to writing (3rd) and publishing (9th).

We have to look deeper into the hidden motivations of Hubbard’s Sun to get a more comprehensive picture.

Board of Directors for Sun

02 Hubbard Sun

Hubbard’s Sun’s Board of Directors consists of Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus in Aries, and Mars in Capricorn. It’s important to note the dynamic of this Board of Directors: Mars is unquestionably the most important and influential planet. Not only is Mars the Almuten of the Sun, with 6 votes for Triplicity, Term, and Face, but also both Jupiter in Scorpio and Venus in Aries are ruled by Mars in Capricorn.

Mars in Capricorn in the 2nd House [6 Votes, Triplicity, Term, Face]
Mars rules 4th, 11th, 12th, Almuten 2nd

In order to express his authentic “Big S” Self (Sun’s Board of Directors), he needs to take action and expend energy (Mars) in a manner that is practical, ambitious, ruthless, and demanding (Capricorn), WITH his home and family (Rules 4th), his hopes and aspirations (Rules 11th), his unconscious and shadow self (Rules 12th), and his money and resources (Almuten 2nd). He encounters these needs particularly IN his finances and resources (Mars in 2nd House). [Blueprint Sentence]

It’s always telling when Mars, the ego/body and “little s” self has significant influence over the authentic “Big S” Self. Immediately, it’s clear that the fundamental struggle will be to master the ego, and align with the authentic “Big S” Self. Everything in Hubbard’s life — the choices he makes, the experiences he has, and how he expresses the energies in his chart — will depend on whether Mars or the Sun is doing the driving. The more control Mars has, the greater the chance that Hubbard will be acting from First Kingdom/Victim Consciousness. This takes on even greater consequences for Hubbard because Mars rules his 12th house: his ego is the vehicle for his self-sabotage and sorrows.

Mars in Capricorn is extremely powerful, directing the active, action-oriented energy of Mars towards practical, tangible, ambitious Capricorn-based activities. As a Cardinal Earth sign, planets in Capricorn seek to create tangible, enduring, and respected expressions of individual identity. What most matters to Hubbard is that he be able to manifest (Earth/Capricorn) his personal ambitions and aspirations (Mars rules 11th), and he may seek to do this by creating a foundation (4th house), being a father figure (4th house), or by investing in real estate (4th house). He’s also likely to measure his success and accomplishments based on how much money he is able to accumulate in the process (Mars almuten 2nd house).

It’s worth noting that Hubbard’s Mars is conjunct Uranus (and, in fact, is the only planet with any connection to Uranus), and therefore, his actions (and his ego) carry a disruptive energy.

Jupiter in Scorpio in the 11th House [5 Votes, Rulership]
Jupiter Rules 1st house, Almuten 9th House

In order to express his authentic “Big S” Self (Sun’s Board of Directors), he needs to grow, expand, and experience faith (Jupiter) in a manner that is powerful, sensitive, secretive, and seductive (Scorpio), WITH his personality and sense of self (Rules 1st house) and his beliefs, philosophies, and religion (Almuten 9th house). He encounters these needs particularly IN his hopes and aspirations, and his relationships with friends (Jupiter in 11th house). [Blueprint Sentence]

Jupiter in Scorpio is the official Ruler of Hubbard’s Sun; however, it reports to Mars in Capricorn, who is not only on the Sun’s Board of Directors, but is also the almuten of the Sun. While Jupiter still has significant influence, it will be filtered and directed through Mars in Capricorn.

With Jupiter, we see another emphasis on the 9th house, but this time, it ties the 9th house to the 1st house of self-image and personality. This suggests that Hubbard identifies (1st house) with his beliefs and philosophies (9th house), and he encounters these in his 11th house of personal ambition, hopes and dreams. On a practical level, this could just as easily support a career in publishing or even academia (9th house); it doesn’t automatically point to religious or spiritual ambitions. That being said, Jupiter is in the secretive, powerful sign of Scorpio, and it’s also trine Neptune, which would tend to enhance the imaginative and spiritual aspects, while at the same time reduce the practical considerations and impair reality testing.

Venus in Aries in the 4th House [4 Votes, Exaltation]
Venus rules 5th, 6th, 10th Houses

In order to express his authentic “Big S” Self (Sun’s Board of Directors), he needs to feel Validated and align with his Core Values (Venus) in a manner that is assertive, inspiring, headstrong, and overconfident (Aries), WITH his personal creativity, self-expression, and tolerance for risk (Rules 5th house), his job (Rules 6th house), and his career and life path (Rules 10th house). He encounters these needs particularly IN his home and family environment (Venus in 4th house). [Blueprint Sentence]

The last component of Hubbard’s Sun is Venus in Aries, who also reports directly to Mars in Capricorn. Venus in Aries influence on the Sun’s Board of Directors suggests that Hubbard has a fundamental need to be loved and appreciated (Venus) for his individual identity (Aries/Sun’s Board of Directors). Because Mars rules Venus in Aries, however, there is a very strong ego-based undercurrent to these needs. The higher-consciousness expressions of Venus in Aries are about expressing individuality and identity for the sheer joy of being authentic and pioneering; the lower-consciousness, ego-driven expressions, however, are far more interested in receiving adoration and validation from other people, which, of course, simply feeds and inflates the ego, strengthening its influence.

We’ll explore Venus in Aries in greater detail in the next section, but for now, it’s enough to note that Venus’s need for self-expression and validation is focused on the 5th house of personal creativity, the 6th house job, and the 10th house career. Even though Hubbard encounters these needs in his private life (Venus in 4th house), they still point to a desire for public and professional validation of his identity.

Neptune in the 8th House Trine Sun in 3rd House (Rules 9th, Almuten 4th) [2s46]

There is an easy, constant, flow of energy (Trine) CAUSED BY dissolving boundaries, fantasy, glamour and illusion (Neptune) COMING FROM shared resources and other people’s values and opinions (Neptune in 8th house) and AFFECTING his writing, communication, and personal spirituality (Sun in 3rd house). This could interfere with his ability to express his authentic “Big S” Self (Sun), particularly WITH his beliefs, philosophies, religion, and higher education (rules 9th house), and his home and family (almuten 4th house). [Blueprint Sentence]

The Sun trine Neptune can be a challenging aspect, especially while navigating the lower levels of consciousness. Once the ego is tamed and transcended, Neptune’s influence helps dissolve the boundaries and limitations of the “little s” self, and encourages the free and full expression of the authentic “Big S” Self. Until that time, however, Neptune’s energies can make it difficult to discern the boundaries and structures of the “little s” self. Spirituality, fantasy, glamour, and illusion can all become traps whereby the ego attempts to bypass the pain of Victim Consciousness without accepting accountability or moving into integrity.

Pluto in the 7th House Square Sun in 3rd House (Rules 9th, Almuten 4th) [4a15]

Friction, tension, stress and conflict (Square) are CAUSED BY issues of power, control, and manipulation (Pluto) COMING FROM other people and his one-to-one relationships (Pluto in 7th) and AFFECTING his writing, communication, and personal spirituality (Sun in 3rd house). This could interfere with his ability to express his authentic “Big S” Self (Sun), particularly WITH his beliefs, philosophies, religion, and higher education (rules 9th house), and his home and family (almuten 4th house). [Blueprint Sentence]

Hubbard’s Sun is applying to a square to Pluto in the 7th house. On its own, the Sun square Pluto aspect can be an extremely useful tool that can reveal the true source of one’s personal power, and ultimately help to align with the authentic “Big S” Self. The challenge here is that coming from the 7th house, Hubbard will instinctively project the Pluto issues of power, control, and manipulation on other individuals. This frequently energizes the ego and the “little s” self, resulting in the need to be right, and the desire for power and control over others (so that others can no longer control us).

Ascendant in Sagittarius

When he interacts with the world and other individuals, he appears to be free-thinking, profound, overconfident, and evangelistic (Sagittarius). [Blueprint Sentence]

Obviously, I was a little biased in the keywords I chose for Sagittarius, but then again, Hubbard presented these Sagittarian qualities to the world in a rather big way. It’s also worth noting that while his Sagittarius Ascendant is Mutable, both of the planets on the Ascendant’s Board of Directors, Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Taurus, are in Fixed signs (the only two Fixed planets in Hubbard’s chart). This suggests that there’s quite a bit of resolve operating beneath the surface.

Ascendant’s Board of Directors

03 Hubbard Ascendant

Jupiter in Scorpio in the 11th House [8 Votes, Rulership, Triplicity]
Jupiter Rules 1st house, Almuten 9th House

Other people perceive (Ascendant) his need to grow, expand, and experience faith in a manner that is that is powerful, sensitive, secretive, and seductive (Scorpio), WITH his personality and sense of self (Rules 1st house) and his beliefs, philosophies, and religion (Almuten 9th house). [Blueprint Sentence]

We’ve already explored Jupiter in Scorpio as the Ruler of Hubbard’s Sun. That Jupiter is also the ruler of his Ascendant suggests a strong connection between his personality and his authentic “Big S” Self, but we’ll address this shortly.

Saturn in Taurus in the 4th House [3 Votes, Term + Face]
Saturn Rules 2nd, 3rd House, Almuten 10th House

Other people perceive (Ascendant) his need to establish boundaries, limits and structures, and accept responsibility (Saturn) in a manner that is dependable, sensual, materialistic, and unrelenting (Taurus), WITH his money and resources (Rules 2nd), his writing and communication (Rules 3rd), and his career and life path (Almuten 10th). [Blueprint Sentence]

Saturn has little influence with regards to Hubbard’s personality, as Jupiter dominates the Board of Directors for his Ascendant. However, Saturn’s presence here reinforces the importance of the 2nd house of money, the 3rd house of writing and communication, and the 10th house of career in the context of Hubbard’s personality.

Part of Fortune in Cancer in the 7th House

04 Hubbard POF

He will experience the greatest amount of prosperity and success (Part of Fortune) by being protective, merciful, prudent, and nurturing (Cancer), particularly IN his partnerships, marriage, and one-to-one relationships (7th House). [Blueprint Sentence].

It’s worth noting that because we tend to project planets in the 7th house on other people, we could view Hubbard’s Part of Fortune in Cancer in the 7th house as an indication that his fortune and success might be the result of other people’s generosity and dependence.

The Board of Directors for Hubbard’s Part of Fortune includes the Moon in Virgo with 5 Votes, Jupiter in Scorpio with 7 votes, and Mars in Capricorn with 3 votes. Jupiter’s influence is what matters the most here, and since we’ve already explored Jupiter and Mars (and will explore the Moon in the next section), we’ll move on.

Summary of Hubbard’s Personality

There are several important factors about L. Ron Hubbard’s chart that need to be considered at this point.

First, we’re beginning to see how powerful and influential his Mars in Capricorn is. Mars not only has absolute control over Hubbard’s Sun, but it will also be a driving factor with Hubbard’s Validation Needs. Mars has influence over four houses in Hubbard’s chart (Rules 4th, 11th, and 12th, Almuten 2nd), and, because Mars is the ruler of the 12th house, Mars is also the vehicle for Hubbard’s self-sabotage and sorrows. What hasn’t been addressed yet with respect to Mars is the close conjunction between Mars and Uranus, and the fact that Hubbard’s Mars is very close to the end of Capricorn. The Uranus conjunction suggests that Hubbard’s Mars (and his ego) will tend to be electric, unexpected, and disruptive. That Mars is getting ready to move from Capricorn to Aquarius might suggest the energy will be directed towards change. And let’s not forget that when Mars moves from Capricorn (where it’s exceptionally strong) to Aquarius, where it loses all Essential Dignity, that the transition from the practical (Capricorn/Earth) to the abstract (Aquarius/Air) is not necessarily positive.

Mars’ influence is felt directly and indirectly across all facets of Hubbard’s personality. Mars is the almuten of his Sun, and has 3 votes on the Board of Directors for his Part of Fortune, but Mars in Capricorn rules Jupiter in Scorpio, the ruler of Hubbard’s Sun in Pisces and Ascendant in Sagittarius, and the almuten of his Part of Fortune in Cancer. Jupiter in Scorpio is a unifying force in Hubbard’s personality. Even though Hubbard’s Sun is square his Ascendant, suggesting some conflict between his authentic Self and how he presents to the world, both the Sun and the Ascendant are ruled by Jupiter, so this diffuses and focuses the issue, also suggesting that the most visible expression of Hubbard’s personality is his powerful, secretive, and expansive Jupiter in Scorpio…and we may as well notice the partile trine between Jupiter in Scorpio and Mercury in Pisces in the 3rd house which suggests that communication (Mercury, 3rd house) is a key part of how Hubbard grows and expresses (Jupiter).

It’s also fascinating, if unsurprising, to note that four out of five of Hubbard’s personal planets are in aspect to Neptune (Moon semi-square Neptune, Sun trine Neptune, Mercury trine Neptune, Venus square Neptune, Jupiter trine Neptune). And the Sun trine Neptune tells us that Neptune is stationary, preparing to turn direct. There’s no question that Hubbard was a vehicle for the energy of Neptune. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, Hubbard managed to twist the pure, creative, spiritual vibration of Neptune into something that served his ego rather than allowing Neptune to dissolve the “little s” self and reveal a higher dimension of Truth. Perhaps it’s significant that Mars, the ego and “little s” self, is the only planet not in aspect to Neptune (and the only planet that aspects Uranus).