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This is an excerpt from Week 1 of the Fundamentals of Astrological & Spiritual Counseling class. In this video, we explore what Spiritual Counseling is…and what it isn’t. We cover the difference between Spiritual Counseling and other modalities and therapies, and also the relationship between astrology and Spiritual Counseling. You’ll learn the only reason a client ever comes to see you, and how to distinguish between reality and Truth.

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  • As a student of spiritualism/Sufism, I consider spiritual counseling a very necessary part of living a happy life. We all need to learn a spiritual attitude to help us enrich our lives with spiritual energy and to get us tied to something greater than ourselves. I've been long associated with spiritual practices and am learning spirituality (Sufism) under a great mentor who, having dedicated over 15 years of his life to spiritual causes, teaches me how as human beings we all can start anew and gradually elevate ourselves to where we actually belong. My little website can be found here: https://roohanionlinespiritualhelp.co.uk/about-me/ :)

    I wish more and more people understand that, just like every other form of education, spirituality needs to be taught. One may not be able to live a spiritually fulfilled life without the guidance and mentorship or real spiritual practice.

    Really enjoyed watching your video. Keep up the amazing work!

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