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This is an excerpt from Week 1 of the Fundamentals of Astrological & Spiritual Counseling class. In this video, we explore what Spiritual Counseling is…and what it isn’t. We cover the difference between Spiritual Counseling and other modalities and therapies, and also the relationship between astrology and Spiritual Counseling. You’ll learn the only reason a client ever comes to see you, and how to distinguish between reality and Truth.

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  • As a student of spiritualism/Sufism, I consider spiritual counseling a very necessary part of living a happy life. We all need to learn a spiritual attitude to help us enrich our lives with spiritual energy and to get us tied to something greater than ourselves. I've been long associated with spirit...
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This is an excerpt from Week 1 of the Fundamentals of Astrological & Spiritual Counseling class. In this video, we the true nature of healing. True healing involves a shift in consciousness that transforms the context and meaning of the experience. It may or may not result in a change in the physical symptoms or the end of pain and discomfort. As a Spiritual Counselor, it’s essential that you understand that healing is not about “fixing the problem,” and instead align with the deeper, more profound Truth.

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There’s an old saying, “When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Broadly, it means that when we’re skilled with a particular tool, we tend to use that tool in every situation, without considering if it’s the right tool for the job at hand. Most people encounter this when dealing with health issues. A surgeon will almost always recommend surgery to fix any problem. Surgery is the right tool for many health issues, but it’s not the right tool for every issue. If you break a finger, you want a doctor who will put it in a splint, not one who will schedule you for an amputation.

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Regrettably, one of the more frequent questions I get asked is some variation of, “How can you tell someone’s sexual orientation from the birth chart?” I say regrettably because the short, and entirely accurate answer, “You can’t,” rarely satisfies anyone. It never satisfies astrologers who have their own pet theories about the “gay aspect” or the “gay signature” in a chart, and I’ve just about learned not to engage in those debates. At least not directly.

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