2013PhotoMasked 1 Cropped AdjustedKevin B. Burk has been counseling professionally as an astrologer since 1996, and has clients around the world. He holds an NCGR-IV Certification in Astrological Counseling, and his website, TheRealAstrology.com, is one of the premiere astrology resources on the Internet. Burk has been teaching astrology since 2000, and he’s been invited to speak at some of the largest and most prestigious astrology organizations in North America.

His articles have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, Llewellyn’s Moon Sign annuals, and in the Australian publication, Well Being Astrology. Burk is the author of over a dozen books, including Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart (Llewellyn, 2001), The Complete Node Book (Llewellyn, 2003), and Astrology Math Made Easy (Serendipity Press, 2005).

Burk is also the Headmaster of The Real Astrology Academy. Established in 2013, The Real Astrology Academy provides astrological information, education, and training to astrologers and astrology students around the world. The course curriculum of The Real Astrology Academy includes classes on Natal Chart Interpretation, Relationship Astrology, and Predictive Astrology, as well as workshops on classical astrology techniques, and astrological counseling. And for students who are serious about mastering the art of astrology, The Real Astrology Academy offers the opportunity to become a Certified Talented Astrologer™

Burk’s latest book, Principles of Practical Natal Astrology: Talented Astrologer Training Book 1, is the culmination of over seven years of work. Burk plans at least two more books in the series: Principles of Practical Relationship Astrology and Principles of Practical Predictive Astrology.

ChrisBrennan“Kevin has done a masterful job of weaving together modern and traditional approaches to chart interpretation, and presenting them in a straigtforward and comprehensive manner. This book will reward those who read it with a solid foundation in natal astrology.”

Chris Brennan, author of Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune

DonnaWoodwell“Kevin Burk has created a masterful step-by-step guide for learning the traditional foundations of chart interpretation in a way that's accessible to the modern astrologer. Brimming with tips and techniques, it's fun and practical—the perfect addition to anyone’s astrological explorations.”

Donna Woodwell, MA, Kepler College Instructor, former Board Member, NCGR and ISAR

LutinPhoto“Kevin Burk, one of our favorite West Coast, no-nonsense astrologers, has put together an informative and fun book for lovers of astrology. In fact, as soon as it came in the mail, my assistant took it home for one night. Three weeks later, I had to threaten him to get it back. That’s got to tell you something!”

Michael Lutin, Sentient Being

BruceScofieldPrinciples of Practical Natal Astrology is unique in that it is the first book I’ve seen that teaches beginning astrology with an emphasis on the classical Essential Dignities. Prospective students of astrology could start their study of astrology with just this book and they will enter the subject with the basics, plus a solid knowledge of how the traditional system worked.”

Bruce Scofield, C.A., PAA-NCGR

JoePolisePrinciples of Practical Natal Astrology is more than your average introduction to horoscope interpretation. This is a groundbreaking textbook that helps the student to develop the skills intrinsic to becoming a talented astrologer. What makes this work so unique is how Kevin integrates the language of Classical Astrology, creatively restated in modern terminology, with the new discipline of Consciousness Theory. In a well-organized, enthusiastic manner, Kevin helps to bring astrological education into the 21st century by showing how we live out our charts on specific levels of consciousness.”

Joseph Polise, Vice President Friends of Astrology, Member NCGR-PAA Board of Examiners, former NCGR Education Director

“You’ve read the books, you’ve maybe even taken a course—and you still find synthesizing all that information tough going. Well, Kevin Burk’s got just what you need to take yourself from the ranks of cookbook astrologer to talented, thinking astrologer. His system, based on traditional astrology, will take you through the chart from beginning to end, smoothly and with confidence. This is a system that works in practice as well as in theory. You may not consider yourself a talented astrologer now, but no matter what your level, if you work with this system, your chances of becoming a talented astrologer are good. This is probably one of the best advanced beginner books out there in any system. I definitely recommend it!”

Donna Van Toen, CAP, NCGR-IV