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It's always important to back up your data, but it's even more critical to back it up during Mercury Retrograde. Mercury is the planet that rules all forms of communication, information, and technology, including computers. When Mercury is retrograde, the likelihood of technical difficulties goes up. Computers crash, hard disks fail, internet connections develop glitches, and software bugs emerge to wreak havoc on the world.

That hard drives fail is a fact of life, not a factor of astrological cycles. Backing up your data on a regular basis will prevent a minor inconvenience from being a major catastrophe. It's a painful lesson to learn — and one that I’ve had to experience several times. I’m so paranoid about protecting my data that I actually have multiple daily backups to different external drives, in addition to the regular Time Machine backup that is built in to my Mac OSX operating system. (And as I write this, I’m painfully aware that two of my external drives are now full, and haven't backed up correctly in a few days … I need to do something about that!)

Although I, personally, don’t have a smart phone (my cell phone lives in the glove compartment of my car and functions as voice mail, and it’s as dumb of a phone as I could find), you probably do. As phones become smarter and more powerful, we store more of our important information on them — not just personal details, but photos, videos, and contacts. You must back up your phone, too!

If you’ve bought into the whole “cloud” data concept, it’s relatively easy to back up all of your phone data, and often it happens automatically. When something happens to your phone (and eventually, it will), it’s relatively simple to access all of your data and download it to your new phone. All you need is your account information and your password.

Of course, all anyone needs is your account information and password to access all of your stored cloud data. But that’s a different issue.

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