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Part 4: Career

To consider Ben Stiller’s career, we’ll look at the 10th house (Career), 6th house (Job) and 2nd house (Money).

10th House: Career
Jupiter in Gemini in the 1st House
Jupiter Rules 7th and 10th Houses

11 BenStiller 10thHouse

Ben Stiller career and life path (10th house) involve growing, expanding, and experiencing faith (Jupiter) in a manner that is restless, dexterous, ingenious, and superficial (Gemini), WITH partners in one-to-one relationships (Jupiter rules 7th House). He encounters these needs particularly IN his personality and self-image (Jupiter in 1st House) [Blueprint Sentence]

With the ruler of the 10th house not only being in the 1st house but also being conjunct the Ascendant, Stiller’s personality and persona are closely tied to his 10th house career. On the most basic level, this means that Stiller is his career. What he creates and shares with the public can only come through him.

10th House Ruler (Jupiter in Gemini) Board of Directors

Mercury in Sagittarius, in mutual reception with Jupiter in Gemini, has the most influence on Jupiter’s Board of Directors, with a total of 8 votes for Rulership and Triplicity. Mercury is in the 6th house of Stiller’s job and daily routine, and rules his 1st house, further emphasizing the unity of Stiller’s identity with his career. What’s most important for Stiller in his career and life path is the ability to communicate (Mercury) his personal perspective on a higher Truth (Sagittarius).

6th House: Job
Mars in Capricorn in the 7th House
Mars Rules 6th, 11th, Almuten 8th House

12 BenStiller 6thHouse

Ben Stiller job (6th house) involves taking action and expending energy (Mars) in a manner that is tyrannical, rugged, grasping, and dignified (Capricorn), WITH his friends, hopes, dreams and aspirations (Mars rules 11th) and other people’s money, resources, and opinions (Mars almuten 8th). He encounters these needs particularly IN his one-to-one relationships and partnerships (Mars in 7th House). [Blueprint Sentence]

As we’ve noted before, Mars in Capricorn is a powerful engine that drives Stiller to take action and do something to manifest his dreams and his values. As the ruler of his 6th house of work, job, service, and daily routine, Stiller has a natural inclination to invest the time and energy needed to reach his goals — particularly as Mars also rules his 11th house of personal ambition. That Stiller’s Mars is in his 7th house suggests that he can’t create on his own; he will always need to partner with other individuals, and he most likely expects that they will share his determined, focused, work ethic.

6th House Ruler (Mars in Capricorn) Board of Directors

As driven as Mars in Capricorn can be, Mars’ Board of Directors is balanced with a considerable amount of Pisces influence: Saturn in Pisces has 5 votes for Rulership, and the Moon in Pisces has 3 votes for Triplicity. This suggests that while Stiller may be a driven task-master, that at least he’s a compassionate driven task-master. Both Saturn and the Moon are in the 10th house, however, which does tend to reinforce the personal ambition side of the equation.

2nd House: Money
Moon in Pisces in the 10th House
Moon Rules 2nd, Almuten 12th

13 BenStiller 2ndHouse

The way that Ben Stiller earns money (2nd house) involves feeling Safe, and expressing feelings and emotions (Moon) in a manner that is benevolent, scattered, meditative, and moody (Pisces), WITH his personal unconscious and shadow-self (Moon almuten 12th house). He encounters these needs particularly IN his career and life path (Moon in 10th House). [Blueprint Sentence]

We’ve already explored Stiller’s Moon, including the Moon’s Board of Directors, in detail from the perspective of his Safety Needs. It’s enough to note here that he may have a certain emotional attachment to his money and resources, although because the Moon is in Pisces, that attachment is less focused on the material aspects of money. Venus in Capricorn is the Almuten of Stiller’s Moon, and as Venus occupies the 8th house of shared resources, it suggests that Stiller may tend to rely on other people to manage his money, perhaps as a way of avoiding taking personal responsibility for it. As Venus rules Stiller’s 12th house and the Moon is the almuten of his 12th house, avoiding responsibility is not a good idea.

Connections Between Career Houses

Stiller has some extremely tight connections between his 2nd house of money and his 10th house career. Not only is the Moon, the ruler of the 2nd, in the 10th house, but the Moon in Pisces is ruled by Jupiter in Gemini, the ruler of the 10th house. Not only can stiller make money from his 10th house career, but also his 10th house career is the primary source of his money and resources. The Moon in Pisces has 3 votes on the Board of Directors of Mars in Capricorn, the ruler of Stiller’s 6th house, connecting his job and daily work to his resources as well.

Stiller’s career and life path are also closely tied with his job and daily routine: Mercury in Sagittarius, with 8 votes on Jupiter’s Board of Directors, is in his 6th house. Plus, Mars, the Ruler of the 6th house, has 2 votes on Jupiter’s Board of Directors. From the perspective of his 6th house, Saturn in Pisces, the ruler of Mars in Capricorn, with 5 votes on Mars’ Board of Directors is in Stiller’s 10th house, and the Moon in Pisces, with 3 votes on Mars’ Board of Directors is also in his 10th house.

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