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Part 3: Relationship Wants

Descendant in Sagittarius / Vertex in Scorpio

While Stiller is consciously attracted to partners who embody the expansive, independent, truth-seeking qualities of his Sagittarius Descendant — not to mention that these partners will resonate with Stiller’s very prominent Jupiter — these partners will not do a very good job of meeting his Venus in Capricorn Validation Needs because they’re too impractical. They also will not meet his Moon in Pisces Safety Needs directly; however, the fact that Jupiter rules Stiller’s Moon as well as ruling his Sagittarius Descendant may provide some relief.

On the other hand, Stiller is unconsciously attracted to partners who embody the power and emotional depth of his Vertex in Scorpio, and these partners will do an excellent job of meeting his Moon in Pisces Safety Needs (Scorpio and Pisces are trine by sign), and a reasonable job of meeting his Venus in Capricorn Validation Needs (Scorpio and Capricorn are sextile by sign).

5th House: Love Affairs
Venus in Capricorn in the 8th House
Venus Rules 5th, 12th, Almuten 10th

07 BenStiller 5thHouse

Ben Stiller looks for casual romantic partners (5th house) who align with his need to align with his Core Values, and express love and appreciation (Venus) in a manner that is ruthless, organized, driven, and careful (Capricorn), WITH his personal unconscious and shadow self (Venus rules 12th) and his career and life path (Venus almuten 10th). He is most likely to meet these partners IN his dealings with shared resources (Venus in 8th house). [Blueprint Sentence]

It’s worth remembering that because Venus rules Stiller’s 12th house, it’s a particularly challenging planet that carries his unconscious needs and can result in self-sabotage. The 8th house, where he’s most likely to meet these partners, in addition to being the house of shared resources and other people’s values, is also secretive and private.

7th House: Marriage
Jupiter in Gemini in the 1st House
Jupiter Rules 7th and 10th Houses

08 BenStiller 7thHouse

Ben Stiller marriage and relationships with other individuals (7th house) involve being able to grow, expand, and experience faith (Jupiter) in a manner that is charming, undependable, informative, and cunning (Gemini), WITH his career and life path (Jupiter rules 10th House). He is most likely to meet these partners IN his habits, hobbies, and personal interests (Jupiter in 1st House). [Blueprint Sentence]

It’s perhaps significant that Jupiter, the ruler of Stiller’s 7th house of marriage is also the planet that rules his 10th house, and represents his experiences and perceptions of his mother. That Jupiter is in Stiller’s 1st house and conjunct his ascendant suggests that his mother has a very deep and profound influence over Stiller’s personality and sense of self. Whether he’s conscious of it or not, he will probably look for partners (and a spouse) who embodies the qualities Stiller perceives in his mother, and has integrated into his self-image.

11th House: Friendships
Mars in Capricorn in the 7th House
Mars Rules 6th, 11th, Almuten 8th House

09 BenStiller11thHouse

Ben Stiller is likely to become friends (11th house) with people who align with his need to take action and expend energy (Mars) in a manner that is inflexible, mature, authoritarian, and structured (Capricorn), WITH his job and workplace relationships (Mars rules 6th) and his dealings with shared resources and other people’s values and opinions (Mars almuten 8th). He is most likely to meet these partners IN his partnerships and one-to-one relationships (Mars in 7th house). [Blueprint Sentence]

The fact that Mars rules both his 6th and 11th houses suggests that Stiller’s friends will also be co-workers or 7th house business partners. We’ve already seen quite a heavy professional emphasis in Stiller’s Chart, most noticeably with repeated emphasis on his 10th house career and life path. Because Stiller’s personality and identity are so involved with his career, it makes sense that most of his friends would come from within that arena.

Connections Between 5th, 7th and 11th Houses

Immediately, we can see two important connections between Stiller’s relationship houses. First, Venus (Ruler of 5th House) is quincunx Jupiter (Ruler of 7th House) (3a47); and second, Mars (Ruler of 11th house) is in the 7th house. The quincunx between the ruler of his 5th house and the ruler of his 7th house makes it extremely unlikely that any casual fling would move into a 7th house serious relationship. However, with so much baggage already associated with his 5th house relationships, this is not likely to be a problem; casual dating is probably of little interest to Stiller.

The fact that the ruler of his 11th house is in his 7th house suggests a strong connection between his 7th house partnerships and his 11th house friendships. This is more likely to indicate that he stays friends with his former partners than it is that he finds potential relationship partners among his friends.

There are some very close connections between the 5th and 11th houses, because Mars (ruler of the 11th) is the almuten of Venus (Ruler of the 5th).

Marriage Blueprint

10 BenStillerParents

Stiller’s Father is represented by Mercury in Sagittarius in the 6th House, and his Mother is represented by Jupiter in Gemini in the 1st house. Mercury and Jupiter are in mutual reception (by both Rulership and Triplicity), and both in Detriment and Peregrine. Even though there is no angular aspect between Mercury and Jupiter, the double mutual reception suggests an extremely strong, extremely close connection. That both planets are in Detriment suggests that both parents worried (Detriment = mental/emotional plane) and the “mutual deception” between these two planets also suggests that one parent’s anxiety would easily feed the other’s.

Certainly Stiller’s Marriage Blueprint suggests an exceptionally close bond between the two partners, and this is the kind of relationship he would expect (consciously or unconsciously) to create for himself. Stiller’s Marriage Blueprint would also seem to support the idea that he would have little interest in casual relationships or dating; if he doesn’t see long-term potential with a partner, he probably won’t invest the time or energy into the relationship.