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Part 4: Career

To consider L. Ron Hubbard’s career, we’ll look at the 10th house (Career), 6th house (Job) and 2nd house (Money).

10th House: Career
6th House: Job

11 Hubbard 6th10th

Venus in Aries rules both Hubbard’s 6th and 10th houses.

Venus in Aries in the 4th House [4 Votes, Exaltation]
Venus rules 5th, 6th, 10th Houses

L. Ron Hubbard career and life path (10th house) and his job (6th house) both involve feeling Validated and aligning with his Core Values (Venus) in a manner that is assertive, inspiring, headstrong, and overconfident (Aries), WITH his personal creativity, self-expression, and tolerance for risk (Rules 5th house. He encounters these needs particularly IN his home and family environment (Venus in 4th house). [Blueprint Sentence]

After his failed tour in the Navy, Hubbard drew on his 5th house creativity and built his first successful career as a science fiction writer, a job that he could do from home (Venus in 4th house). And of course, Hubbard’s ego was a driving factor in every phase of his professional life.

We’ve already explored the Board of Directors for Venus in Aries in detail.

2nd House: Money
Saturn in Taurus in the 4th House
Saturn Rules 2nd, 3rd House, Almuten 10th House

12 Hubbard 2nd

The way that L. Ron Hubbard earns money (2nd house) involves establishing boundaries, limits and structures, and accepting responsibility (Saturn) in a manner that is dependable, sensual, materialistic, and unrelenting (Taurus), WITH his writing and communication (Rules 3rd), and his career and life path (Almuten 10th). He encounters these needs particularly IN his home and family environment (Saturn in 4th House). [Blueprint Sentence]

This is the first time that Saturn has shown up in Hubbard’s chart in any significant way. Saturn has always been in the background, of course, because Mars in Capricorn reports to Saturn in Taurus. This suggests that the ultimate motivation for Hubbard has always been money. We saw the suggestion of this when we explored Hubbard’s Safety Needs, with the trine between Saturn in Taurus and the Moon in Virgo.

As the ruler of the 2nd house, Saturn in Taurus advocates conspicuous wealth and a life of luxury. At its peak, the Church of Scientology reportedly earned $100 million a year.

2nd House Ruler (Saturn in Taurus) Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Hubbard’s Saturn in Taurus consists of his Venus in Aries with 7 votes (Rulership and Term), his Moon in Virgo with 7 votes (Exaltation and Triplicity), and his Mercury in Pisces with 1 vote (Face).

Saturn and the Moon are the only two planets in Hubbard’s chart where Mars does not have direct control over the Board of Directors. Mars does, however, have indirect influence over Saturn’s Board of Directors because Mars rules Venus in Aries. The Mars-Venus-Saturn committee is the center of Hubbard’s dispositor tree. Every other planet in his chart ultimately reports back to this committee, although the Sun, Mercury, and Moon go through Jupiter in Scorpio and report to Mars.

The motivations for Saturn, then are Safety (Moon) and Validation (Venus), and Saturn ruling the 2nd house shows that Hubbard attempted to meet both of these needs by accumulating as much money as possible.

Connections Between Career Houses

With Venus in Aries ruling both the 6th house job and 10th house career, it’s obvious that Hubbard’s job and career/life path are one and the same thing. And since Venus also rules Saturn in Taurus, the ruler of his 2nd house, he is quite capable of making money in his chosen field.


L Ron Hubbard’s chart is quite fascinating, and his life is an object lesson in the levels of consciousness.

Mars is, without question, the single most important planet in Hubbard’s chart. Mars in Capricorn has absolute direct control over the Boards of Directors for the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. With Mars conjunct Uranus, it’s hardly surprising that anger was a driving force throughout his life, and (as Mars rules the 12th house), Hubbard’s anger and extremely short temper were frequently the cause of his undoing.

Mastering his anger and taming his ego and “little s” self was of absolute importance in Hubbard’s life. Had he managed to do this, and been able to create from integrity rather than from the depths of Victim Consciousness, he could have made a tremendous, positive difference in the world. Unfortunately, everything he created only served to cater to his massive narcissistic ego.

Hubbard would not have been nearly as influential if it were not for the trines between his Mercury in Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Cancer. These aspects show the easy, automatic escape into fantasy that enabled Hubbard to avoid accepting accountability. When the world failed to cater to Hubbard’s ego, he simply altered reality by changing the story — and the trine to Jupiter made it easy for him to have so much faith in the lies he told that, at least within the bubble he created, those lies became real.

That every planet in Hubbard’s chart, except for Mars, is in some close aspect to Neptune indicates that Hubbard was a vehicle for the collective unconscious. This is why he was so seductive and so successful in attracting millions of followers willing to believe his version of reality because it offers them an escape from the pain in their own lives.

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