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Part 4: Career

To consider Pope Francis’ career, we’ll look at the 10th house (Career), 6th house (Job) and 2nd house (Money).

10th House: Career

Venus in Aquarius in the 7th House
Venus Rules 10th, 11th Houses

11 PF 10th

Pope Francis’ career and life path (10th house) involve experiencing beauty and aligning with his Core Values (Venus) in a manner that is gregarious, logical, democratic, and humanistic (Aquarius), WITH his career and life path (10th) and his personal ambitions and friendships (11th). He encounters these needs particularly IN his one-to-one relationships (Venus in 7th House). [Blueprint Sentence]

We’ve already explored Venus and the planets on Venus’ Board of Directors in detail (Saturn in Pisces, 5 votes; Mercury in Capricorn, 5 votes; Venus in Aquarius, 1 vote), so we won’t repeat that here. It’s enough to note that in the context of his career, what matters the most are Saturn in Pisces’ need for compassionate, spiritual boundaries and respect for Spiritual Law, and Mercury in Capricorn’s need for frank, practical, direct communication that addresses real-world issues.

6th House: Job

12 PF 6th

Jupiter in Capricorn in the 6th House
Jupiter Rules 6th, 9th, Almuten 1st

Pope Francis’ job (6th house) involves growing and expanding, and experiencing faith (Jupiter) in a manner that is structured, enterprising, and conservative (Capricorn), WITH his job (Rules 6th), his beliefs, philosophies, and higher education (Rules 9th), and his personality and self-image (Almuten 1st). He encounters these needs particularly IN his job and workplace relationships (Jupiter in 6th). [Blueprint Sentence]

We explored Jupiter in Capricorn in detail when looking at the Board of Directors for the Sun, so I’ll simply reiterate the very physical (Jupiter in Fall), practical, material, tangible (Capricorn/Earth) approach that extends to his 6th house job and service, his 9th house beliefs, philosophy, and religion, and his 1st house self-image. Good works mean far more to Pope Francis than fine words; he has no use for faith that doesn’t have a tangible effect on the material world.

6th House Ruler (Jupiter in Capricorn) Board of Directors

As we’ve already explored each of the board members for Jupiter in Capricorn in detail, I’ll simply list the Board of Directors, and then provide a summary.

Saturn in Pisces in the 8th House [5 Votes]
Saturn Rules 7th, 8th

Mars in Libra in the 3rd House [4 Votes]
Mars Rules 4th, 5th, Almuten 7th

Moon in Aquarius in the 8th House [3 Votes]
Moon Rules 1st, Almuten 10th, 11th

Venus in Aquarius in the 7th House [2 Votes]
Venus Rules 10th, 11th

Saturn in Pisces has the greatest influence over Pope Francis’ 6th house (Jupiter in Capricorn); not only does Saturn have 5 votes for rulership, but both the Moon in Aquarius (3 votes) and Venus in Aquarius (2 votes) are ruled by Saturn, so the Moon and Venus will always vote with Saturn. Not to mention that Saturn is the co-almuten of Mars in Libra (ruled by Venus in Aquarius, who will tell Mars to vote with Saturn). So it’s all Saturn’s. Everything about the 6th house is concerned with service to spiritual Law (Saturn in Pisces), and Jupiter in Capricorn seeks a practical, tangible way to embody that.

2nd House: Money

13 PF 2nd

Sun in Sagittarius in the 6th House
Sun Rules 2nd House

The way that Pope Francis I (earns money (2nd house) involves aligning with his Personal Standards of Integrity and expressing his authentic, “Big S” Self (Sun) in a manner that is adventurous, independent, philosophical, and unrestrained (Sagittarius), WITH his money, resources, and talents (Sun rules 2nd House). He encounters these needs particularly IN his job and workplace relationships (Sun in 6th House). [Blueprint Sentence]

That the Sun in the 6th house rules the 2nd house suggests that the source of Pope Francis’ money and resources is the service (6th) that he performs as a unique individual (Sun).

2nd House Ruler (Sun in Sagittarius) Board of Directors

Again, we’ve explored the Board of Directors for the Sun in detail in Part 1, so I’ll simply list the board members, and provide a summary of how they influence the affairs of the 2nd house.

Jupiter in Capricorn in the 6th House [8 Votes]
Jupiter Rules 6th, 9th, Almuten 1st

Mars in Libra in the 3rd House [2 Votes]
Mars Rules 4th, 5th, Almuten 7th

Saturn in Pisces in the 8th House [1 Votes]
Saturn Rules 7th, 8th

As with almost everything else in Pope Francis’ chart, the Board of Directors for the Sun comes back to the mutual reception between Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter in Capricorn has the vast majority of the votes on the Sun’s Board of Directors, but it reports to Saturn in Pisces. While Saturn only has 1 vote on the Board of Directors, it still has influence over Jupiter in Capricorn. The emphasis, of course, is on practical spirituality, and applying spiritual Law to real-life, tangible situations. This is how Pope Francis will build (and manage) his finances and resources.

Connections Between Career Houses

There are very strong connections between the 2nd house and the 6th house — the ruler of the 2nd is in the 6th house, and the ruler of the ruler of the 2nd house is the ruler of the 6th house. The connections between the 6th and 10th houses are subtler: both Jupiter in Capricorn and Venus in Aquarius are ruled by Saturn in Pisces. And there’s no connection between the 2nd and 10th houses.

It seems that Pope Francis will earn his money and resources through his 6th house affairs, his job, and the way that he acts in service to others. His 10th house advancements are closely connected to his 6th house job, but they don’t connect to his finances. And with his Sun in the 6th house, Pope Francis quite literally lives for the day-to-day service, and is less concerned about the public acclaim that comes from his significant 10th house promotion.


It’s quite fascinating to explore Pope Francis’ chart, because his high level of consciousness provide such concrete examples of the potential expression of apparently challenging astrological signatures. At lower levels of consciousness, the Jupiter in Capricorn mutual reception with Saturn in Pisces could be exceptionally challenging. While Pope Francis seems to be embodying the core lesson of practical spirituality, this is quite an impressive feat. Many people would not be able to integrate the opposing energies, and would either place all of their faith in the material world (with unsatisfying results, because they would lack the understanding of the Spiritual Laws that govern matter and form), or denounce the material world in pursuit of some far-off spiritual ideal.

Pope Francis, however, has found a middle path. While his frugality made headlines, and his choices to adopt a far more modest standard of living (and dress) than his predecessors caused a great deal of comment, it’s clear from his commitment to addressing the real-world problems of poverty and economic disparity that he is acting from a place of deep, personal integrity.

The question of faith is present in every part of Pope Francis’ chart, because either Jupiter in Capricorn or Saturn in Pisces has significant influence over every single planet. It’s clear that Pope Francis has found his answer, and his faith, and by doing so, has moved into Right Relationship with each of the Astrological Archetypes.

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