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Part 3: Relationship Wants

Descendant in Capricorn / Vertex in Aquarius

With his Descendent in Capricorn, Pope Francis is consciously attracted to partners who are ambitious, mature, serious, and traditional. With his Vertex in Aquarius, however, he is unconsciously drawn to partners who are avant-garde, brave, progressive, and questioning.

Since both his Moon and Venus are also in Aquarius, the Vertex in Aquarius partners will automatically meet his Safety and Validation Needs; however, because of the common rulership by Saturn in Pisces (and the significant Mercury in Capricorn influence on the Board of Directors for his Moon and Venus), Descendant in Capricorn partners also have a reasonable chance of meeting his Safety and Validation Needs.

Obviously, the question of the Pope’s love affairs or marriage partner(s) is somewhat moot. We’ll have to take a broad, and largely hypothetical approach to this part of the interpretation.

5th House: Love Affairs (and Social Advancement)
Mars in Libra in the 3rd House (Mars Rules 4th, 5th, Almuten 7th)

07 PF 5th

Pope Francis I looks for casual romantic partners (5th house) who align with his need to take action and expend energy (Mars) in a manner that is objective, balanced, collaborative, and friendly (Libra), WITH his home and family (Mars Rules 4th), his personal creativity and tolerance for risk (Mars Rules 5th), and his one-to-one relationships (Mars Almuten 7th). He encounters these needs particularly IN his writing, communication, personal spirituality, and familiar environment (Mars in 3rd House). [Blueprint Sentence]

Taking this any further exploring the question of the Pope’s romantic partners is just wildly inappropriate, so I’m going to change the context and explore the 5th house from a traditional (although rarely considered) context of how one goes about seeking social advancement. After all, you don’t get elected Pope without some serious networking skills, not to mention some powerful supporters.

With Mars in Libra in charge of his 5th house, Pope Francis naturally takes strategic, balanced (Libra) action (Mars). He will look for support from his country (Mars rules 4th), and also seek advancement through strategic partnerships with other individuals (Mars almuten 7th). And the way that he will build these partnerships and coalitions is through his ideas, his writing, and his communication. And since the 3rd house represents one’s familiar environment, it’s likely that he will focus on local, grass-roots efforts to gain support.

7th House: Marriage (and Partnerships)
Saturn in Pisces in the 8th House (Saturn Rules 7th, 8th)

08 PF 7th

Pope Francis’ marriage and relationships with other individuals (7th house) involve being able to establish boundaries, limits, and structure, and accept responsibility (Saturn) in a manner that is adaptable, loving, merciful, and vulnerable (Pisces), WITH his one-to-one relationships (Saturn Rules 7th), and his shared resources (Saturn Rules 8th). He encounters these needs particularly IN other people’s money, values, and opinions (Saturn in 8th House). [Blueprint Sentence]

The foundation for any partnership with Pope Francis is a respect for Spiritual Law, and a willingness to respect (and when needed, enforce) boundaries, albeit always with great compassion. Because Saturn both rules and occupies the 8th house, issues of stewardship of shared resources are also very important. Money, finances, and the responsible management of resources is likely to be the primary area of concern for his 7th house relationships, and while the ongoing partnerships and other 7th house alliances he forms may grow into personal relationships, they may frequently begin as financial negotiations, budgetary concerns, and economic planning.

11th House: Friendships
Venus in Aquarius in the 7th House (Venus Rules 10th, 11th)

09 PF 11th

Pope Francis I is likely to become friends (11th house) with people who align with his need to experience beauty, and align with his Core Values (Venus) in a manner that is idealistic, articulate, and loyal (Aquarius), WITH his career and life path (10th) and his personal ambitions and friendships (11th). He encounters these needs particularly IN his one-to-one relationships (Venus in 7th House). [Blueprint Sentence]

The fact that Venus in Aquarius, the ruler of the 11th house of friendships, is in the 7th house of partnerships, suggests that Pope Francis may tend to build personal friendships with the individuals with whom he negotiates (and occasionally battles) in the 7th house. The deciding factor, however, will always be a shared set of values. If you’re not a member of the group that Venus in Aquarius identifies with, you’ll never move from the 7th to the 11th house with Pope Francis.

Connections Between 5th, 7th and 11th Houses

Mars, the ruler of the 5th house is also the Almuten of the 7th house, suggesting that Pope Francis is able to create lasting enduring partnerships (7th house) with his patrons and supporters (5th house). Saturn, the ruler of the 7th house, also rules Venus in Aquarius, the ruler of his 11th house, which suggests the potential for a personal friendship to grow out of a professional partnership. And Mercury in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn in Pisces) is on the Board of Directors for Mars, Saturn, and Venus, suggesting even more common ground, based on clear, practical, no-nonsense (Capricorn) communication (Mercury).

Marriage Blueprint

Again, the actual Marriage Blueprint isn’t a factor for Pope Francis, but we can still take a snapshot of his experience of his parents.

10 PF Parents

Father: Mars in Libra in the 3rd House (Mars Rules 4th, 5th)

Mars in Libra is both in Detriment and peregrine, suggesting that Pope Francis’ father seemed both worried (Detriment) and powerless (peregrine). His father was an Italian immigrant, who fled Italy in the wake of rising fascism. Because Mars in Libra is in the 3rd house, we might gather that his father was very influential in Pope Francis’ early education.

Mother: Venus in Aquarius in the 7th House (Venus Rules 10th, 11th)

Venus in Aquarius has dignity only by Face, and on some level, Pope Francis may have experienced his mother as being afraid (Face). His mother may also have shaped some of his Aquarian, unconventional Core Values.